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New Zealand business finance - we provide invoice discounting - cash for your invoices giving you short term working capital. We also provide a micro factoring service which can include credit control and debt collection along with the benefits of invoice discounting. This gives you the crucial cash flow you need to run your business. If you are a small business owner, you will know how hard it can be to maintain good cash flow. Our aim is to help you. We have the small business finance solutions for New Zealand business.

Cash is king. Ultimately, the purpose of business is to make a profit. Most of the time though, not running out of cash and/or having cash to do what you need to do, is the only thing that matters. You might have a really profitable business, good skills and knowledge, and there may be high demand for what you do. But if you don’t have enough working capital to keep going or to cope with growth, your business will still fail.

So, if rapid growth, under-capitalisation or slow payers are issues for your business, we have the information and systems which can help.

Every year thousands of businesses and self-employed individuals stop trading in New Zealand. Why? Many of these businesses did not want to stop being in business or being self employed, but basically they ran out of cash. Or they could see they were going to run out of cash.

Many of these businesses had good business ideas and good people. Many were operating in areas where there was high need/demand for what they do. Many were operating in fields that provide high profit margins. ……..And yet they still ran out of money.

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Invoice discounting, sometimes known as spot factoring, is a way of raising business finance - short-term working capital for under-capitalised, small businesses.
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Whilst New Zealand Business Finance is a general interest website, we provide services in Debt Collection and Invoice Discounting.
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Micro factoring combines the resources, knowledge, experience and skills of The Interface Financial Group and Total Debt Solutions.
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Good debt collection and credit control systems are essential for any business selling on credit.