The New Zealand Business Finance website is run by Tim Levchenko-Scott.

Tim is Director of Total Debt Solutions (2009) Ltd, a New Plymouth based debt collection agency. We collect debt, carry out process service and provide credit control services.

Tim also holds the Taranaki, Wanganui and Mananwatu franchise for The Interface Financial Group (IFG). IFG provide short term working capital for small businesses through invoice discounting.

The two businesses combine their resources to provide a service known as micro factoring. This is a unique package service for small businesses, such as tradesmen, or others issuing multiple smaller invoices. This service includes steady cash flow from factored invoices,credit control and debt collection.

For many businesses, this service can be set up so that the cost to the business is neglible, with most of the cost being passed on to the cusomters who want the credit.