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New Zealand Business Finance Options - Be Creative !

There are lots of options when it comes to business finance. To be honest, in New Zealand, many smaller business owners are not aware of what's out there. A lot of folk restrict their thinking to simply borrowing and lending money.

Some alternative options to simple lending are: angel investors factoring invoice discounting

The options and variations within business finance seem almost infinite. We are really only limited by our imaginations – if it can be dreamed up, it can be done.

In New Zealand we seem to be a little slower on the uptake of some of the more creative financial instruments. A good example would be factoring and invoice discounting which is much more common overseas but only has a limited history here.

At the higher levels of merchant banking there is no shortage of creativity, but for many smaller business people in New Zealand there is a tendency to be rather rigid in our thinking. We tend to get hung up over the cost of finance rather than thinking about the value. We like to stick with what we know. By restricting ourselves in this way we are missing out on a world of opportunity to create wealth, both individually and collectively. I believe this is because so many people have not had a business education as such.

One of the elements that really sets apart the most successful business people is an ability to think creatively and use their imagination when it comes to business. There are usually ways 'round most things.....

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