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Invoice Discounting for Tradesmen

Invoice discounting is an excellent cash flow and credit management system for tradesmen. The key to successfully implementing an invoice discounting system in your business is in having it set up properly so that most (sometimes all) of the cost is met by your customers. If done correctly, approved clients are able to raise typically 80% of the face value of their invoices each week in cash and also have expert credit control staff working for them and the back up of an effective debt collection agency to collect accounts which become overdue. If your customers insist on using you as a bank, make sure they're paying the interest and the bank fees - not you !

We provide this service by combining the skills and resources of two well established businesses: The Interface Financial Group, our invoice discounting franchise; and Total Debt Solutions, our debt collection agency. We have the systems, processes and people to provide New Zealand tradesmen with a combined credit control, and debt collection service. Using the combined systems, knowledge, skills and experience within these two businesses we can set up an invoice discounting arrangement for tradesmen so that you have three key benefits:

Regular, Steady Cash Flow

Expert Credit Control

Effective Debt Collection

For many tradesmen, that eliminates three of their biggest administrative headaches in one go !

Remember, this system can be set up so that there is little or no cost to you - the cost is passed on to your customers who want the credit.


Our fee is the discount we charge on the invoices, which can be passed on to your customers.

Ideal for car repair workshops, electricians, plumbers and the like.

When you take into account the extra benefits of credit control and debt collection, as well as having up to 80% of the face value of the invoice advanced within a day or two of sending us the invoice, the benefits are obvious. You can concentrate on finding more work and doing more work, and we will take care of ensuring steady cash flow, good credit control and, if necessary, debt collection.

The paperwork is straightforward and transparent, just like the system. You are not locked in for an terms and can chose to exit the service at any time, subject only to normal recourse on any purchased accounts which do not get paid.

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