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Medical Recruiters Solve The Cash Flow Dilemma

These medical recruiters based in Wellington were referred to me by their accountants. They were experiencing very high demand for their service - recruiting overseas doctors and nurses for New Zealand and Australia.

The nature of the business is such that they sometimes have to wait up to 3 months for payment whilst most of their associated costs have to be paid before then.

It was obviously a very promising business with huge potential and the business owner seemed very dynamic and competent. They needed an injection of cash though, and ongoing help to cope with the growth they were projecting.

Access to capital is one of the major issues for any business as it grows. Taking on more and more debt is not always a good idea. It may seem cheaper on the face of it than factoring and invoice discounting solutions but can be very expensive in the long run. Taking on investors may be a good idea in some circumstances but can also be very trying and has its own risks and costs.

We were able to provide They are now growing rapidly and are able to be ambitious in their plans, knowing that can have cash flow to tap into as necessary.

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