Micro Factoring - Cash Now For Your Invoices

Micro factoring is a combined invoice discounting, credit control and debt collection package. A business finance solution for smaller New Zealand businesses.

This is an ideal cash flow and credit management solution for tradesmen and other small businesses who sell on credit.

Ideally suited to businesses issuing multiple smaller invoices.

We provide this service using the combined resources, systems, knowledge, skills and experience of two businesses: The Interface Financial Group and Total Debt Solutions (2009) Ltd

Key Benefits

• Regular Cash Flow – Normally up to 80% of the face value of approved invoices paid immediately.

• Expert credit control included – skilled staff following up all accounts.

• Debt collection - overdue accounts are promptly referred on to our experienced debt collection team for you.

• Low or no cost.

• No set up fees.

For many businesses, this service can be set up so that most or all of the cost is passed on to your customers who want the credit. It really depends on the individual circumstances of your business and how much of the credit cost you chose to pass on to your customers, and how much you are willing to absorb.

It’s a great combination for busy trades people who don’t have the time to chase their own accounts or don’t want to have to employ someone to do it for them. Plus, you get the benefits of regular cash flow:- keep current with your creditors, less bank fees, less headaches wondering when the cash will come in.


• We will review your terms and conditions and make sure you have everything set up properly to minimize the problems associated with supplying goods and services on credit.

• We wave all Total Debt Solutions debt loading/annual subscription fees for micro factoring clients.

• We post out your invoices, so the postage is also included.

• Rebates (your balance of the invoice less fees) are paid out promptly on receipt of your customers’ payment.

• Our professional credit control staff become an integral part of your team, enhancing your business communications.

• Client re-purchase of overdue accounts is done efficiently and smoothly and includes referral to debt collection.

• For active clients, we will still credit control and debt collect invoices which we do not approve for purchase by The Interface Financial Group, at no extra charge.

Contact us to discuss whether micro factoring can work for you.

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