Options for financing a new business.

The issue of financing a new business is one of the most important , if not the most important, questions for anybody thinking of starting a new venture. New Zealand is a relatively easy place to start up a business, but get the finances wrong and you'll get into trouble same as anywhere else in the world.

This is such a huge topic that I haven’t tried to do it full justice on this page. I’ve simply put together some options to think about. These will link to various other specific resources.

Options for financing a new business.

Borrow against equity in your home or other property. Lease rather than buy specialist equipment.

Secure lending against non real-estate physical assets/chattels etc.

Check out Business Money Source for comprehensive informaion on business finance options. Secure lending against the value of the business

Vendor Finance

Unsecured loan/overdraft.

Equity or angel investors.

Joint ventures/strategic alliances.

Cash flow finance, such as invoice discounting (NZ), invoice discounting (USA) factoring, purchase order factoring

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