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Successful Women Worldwide

Successful women can be found worldwide as small business owners.

Before I moved to the United States five years ago to start a new life with my American husband I had the pleasure and opportunity to visit several European countries, the Middle East and Asia. Everywhere I met successful women entrepreneurs who started or ran small businesses from ice cream shops, to hoteliers, importers and exporters, to trade companies. All women had three things in common: Persistence, flexiblity and the strong will to succeed and never to give up. Their energy and passion excited me a lot.

Coming from a nation where entrepreneurship and taking small business opportunities aren't very common or popular, the small business women and entrepreneurs in the United States fascinated me from the beginning. Nobody ever questioned if you should become a small business owner or not. It seemed everything is possible.

After working with my American husband in his plumbing company and taking care of his marketing, networking and bookkeeping needs, I started to work for a local chamber of commerce by taking care of their membership retention department. I met so many American and international women small business owners. They all taught me that I have to believe in my dreams and follow my passion. Don't missunderstand me. They all haven't had only happy moments. Especially with the economy now, With my chamber position, I learnt how to start which is all about small businesses and You wouldn't believe how many people came daily in the chamber office, stay-at-home moms, retirees, students, and employees who dreamt about their own small biz and with me.

Most of them succeeded with and a clear goal in mind. A few of them failed. They thought running a small business is like having a hobby. That never works out.

It was interesting to see that, for women, to other biz owners to support their business efforts and help them in their business success.

I guess it is this caring part in us mixed with thoughtfulness that makes it easier to help others without asking "what is in it for us".

Are you participating in business networking events? If not, you should really try it out. I love it! If I join my husband or participate in women networking events, it is always a great experience. You meet like-minded people and receive like who are the key people you want to meet, what is the talk of the town, upcoming business events, and more.

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Dagmar Gatell is a small business owner and an employee of a local business start-up. As an infopreneur, her mission and goal are to share her experience and knowledge with other small business owners worldwide at

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