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Manawatu Vegetable Exporter Needs HelpThrough Busy Season.

A Manawatu vegetable exporter approached us in September '08 after seeing one of our fliers. He has a very seasonal business, doing nearly all his turnover in 8 months, and most of that in the first three months of the year.

This business purchases vegetables from local growers and packs and on-sells them for export to another New Zealand business. They also put together thousands of crates for shipping vegetables and on-sell the completed crates.

Due to expansion in the last couple of years, the business needed working capital to get through the first couple of months of the season, when their pay-roll would reach its peak and they would still be waiting several weeks before the first payments began to roll in.

We were able to purchase a $48,000 invoice that was payable by a reputable Auckland based exporter.

A classic seasonal business, into their business. They would have struggled to consolidate the business after its rapid growth without

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