Wanganui Couriers Using Micro Factoring to Solve Business Finance Problem

A Wanganui Courier business was referred to us by their accountant. They had grown rapidly and invested in new premises. This had created a business finance problem. Whilst their underlying profitability and long term prospects were good, their short term cash-flow was under serious pressure. Micro Factoring seemed like the best business finance solution for this Wanganui Courier firm. We were able to come on board at short notice and inject funds into their business using our simple process.

They are selling selected invoices to us at a small discount. This allows them to have up to 80% of the face value of the invoices on completion of the work and the balance, less our fee, when the invoice is paid. As the business grow, this means they can maintain their obligations to their creditors and make payroll without taking on debt or sacrificing equity.

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