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Women In Business Growing Fast

Women in Business Contributed by Audrey Owen of Retirement Investigator.com

Around the world, there is an increase in the number of women in business. The rate of increase continues to grow faster than the rate of increase for businesses owned by men.

While men tend to have more employees and to earn more money with their businesses, women tend to be self-employed, working alone, and earning less than men. That's because women are often in business because they need income and want the option of controlling their own work lives. Employees place demands on their employers just as employers place demands on employees.

I am a member of one of the fastest growing groups of women in business -- those over the age of 55. As we approach retirement, we look for ways to supplement diminishing pensions and making a contribution in ways that matter to us. We are, after all, children of the sixties.

Regardless of age, women who want to start a business, have some questions to ask themselves.

• How much time do I have to give to this business?

Especially at the start, a new business takes a great deal of time.

• Do I have the energy to give to this business?

If you are already exhausted by your family obligations, a business may not be the best choice for you.

• Do I have a personality suited to running a business?

You will be making important decisions all day long.

• What skill set do I bring to the business?

Women who have run households have many skills that translate well into the business world. Don't sell yourself short.

• Do I have the Few businesses make money from the beginning. Be realistic about your income and expenses.

Before you make your move into the world of business, do solid research and set limits on the time and energy you invest.

If you have assessed your assets and liabilities and you do want to start your own business, know that you are in the company of many sisters who have successfully started and maintained their own businesses. You could become one of the women in business who have taken control of income potential.

©2007 Audrey Owen

Audrey runs an editing business and writes about retirement issues, including those related to women, at Retirement Investigator.com

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