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Lorraine Wilson - From a Rural Aussie Renovation to an Auckland Home Staging Business.

Hi everyone, I'm Lorraine from HOUSEDRESSINGS LTD I am the owner of an Auckland based Home Staging business, and this is the story of how I came to be in this business. For those of you who aren't quite sure what home staging's all about, well let me explain.....

Home staging is still a niche market here in New Zealand, however home owners are catching on to the fact that they need to go beyond just a fresh coat of paint when presenting their property for sale.

In order for a prospective buyer to visualize how they can live in your space, they need to see a workable spacial layout, free of personal clutter, and a sense of harmony and ambiance.

This involves the clever use of color, key pieces of furniture, accessories and artwork to enhance and 'set the scene'. I have always had a passion for designing beautiful spaces to live in and creating an oasis which is a haven to come home to.

It all began some years ago in the countryside of Victoria, Australia. I bought a charming blue stone cottage with a verandah set on two and a half acres of land in the little township of Malmsbury. The place just oozed character but had been long neglected! I set about to bring it back to its' former glory. What a labor of love that was!

I didn't know a lot about interior decorating back then but I had a sense of the romantic and all things beautiful. This of course is the condensed version, but I learned a lot during long hours perched on a ladder sanding and painting far into the night! However, no pain – no gain as they say!

At completion, I was able to stand back,admire and humbly admit “simply GORGEOUS” It was this labor of love that took me on an incredible journey which led me to the rewarding path I am now on.

Malmsbury cottage was successfully sold to a guy who owned a fleet of vintage cars. He wanted an historic property to house his cars and the right setting for enthusiasts to view them - on paying terms, of course!

So one thing led to another, buying, renovating, selling and all the time gaining more expertize in the things that worked well in the art of interior styling and design. I found that I had this natural flair, an innate something that doesn't come with a diploma but rather from the 'classroom of life'.... and with the gut feeling we all have- that when we do something we love with new found knowledge, labor and passion- we can get it right! And when we get it right, we gain a new sense of worth, fulfillment and the confidence to express who we really are.

After being involved in retail and visual merchandising for two major companies in Auckland for a few years, I felt the need to move on and be my own boss again, so started my own business, sharing my passion for interior design through HOUSEDRESSINGS LTD

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